About Us

PEER*D stands for “Perfectly Weird.” PEER*D symbolizes individuality and creativity. PEER*D is standing out from the crowd. PEER*D is daring to be different. PEER*D is the Sheppard to sheep. Simply, Being PEER*D IS BEING A LEADER.
The icon for PEER*D Clothing is Lenny, a black sheep. The black sheep is often viewed as the outcast, containing traits undesirable to the herd. PEER*D draws off this vague perception of the outcast. The black sheep stands out for being different. That difference can be perceived as ugly, for not fitting the mold of the herd, OR that difference can cause you to change your perception. You could look past your preconceptions of cool, and look past the negative and positive appearances on the surface and find the perfection in weirdness.
Join the Movement.


One response to “About Us

  1. LOVE YOUR LOGO and meaning behind it. Keep up the good work!

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