What’s PEER*D?!!

Everybody has been wondering “What’s PEER*D?”. You see the silhouette on the T-Shirts and wonder what is that. A dog? a bunny? 

Well I’m here to shed light on the situation and give you some answers. PEER*D stands for Perfectly-Weird-Perfect. It is not just a clothing line, its a MOVEMENT! PEER*D symbolizes individuality and creativity. PEER*D is standing out from the crowd. PEER*D is not being afraid of what people say about you, daring to be different, and thinking outside of the box. Simply, Being PEER*D IS BEING A LEADER.

Now that you have a general understanding of the movement, let me tell you a lil bout the clothing line. That silhouetted figure you see on the shirts is LENNY. Lenny is a black sheep and the symbol for PEER*D. The black sheep in a herd of white sheep is often viewed as the outcast, containing traits undesirable to the bunch. You may be asking why would you choose a symbol that is an outcast. Well thats exactly why LENNY is our mascot.  Cool or popular (being a white sheep and blending in) is determined by the masses. Being a black sheep (being PEER*D) is going against the grain. The black sheep of the herd stands out because it is different from the rest and draws attention due to that fact. You can perceive LENNY as an ugly black sheep because he doesn’t look like (dress like, act like, and speak like) the rest of the crowd or you could learn to look past your preconceptions of normal and find the perfection in weirdness.

That’s what PEER*D is all about. Hope that answered all your questions

Remember to


Derick, B



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